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Twin Flame Journey - Awaken Your Soul

Feeling lost and not understanding what is happening to you and feeling like you're going crazy with no one to talk too. The Twin Flame Journey can throw our whole life into chaos.. I'm here to guide you so you stop feeling confused and you understand the truth of the journey and how to bring union as this journey has a long path and short path.

You are the Universe

Welcome Beautiful Soul, My name is Cat and I'm here to guide you on your Twin Flame & Spiritual Awakening Journey..

You don't choose this Journey the Universe calls your Soul at the precise Divine Timing. We are often catapulted on this Journey and at the start it can feel pure bliss then once Soul Recognition happens and the Kundalini and Heart Chakra Activation we are plumetted fast into Ego Death, which is physically and emotionally painful.

This journey isn't happening by chance you are on the Twin Flame Journey as your Soul and Divine knew you were ready to Awaken to your calling and step into your role of a guiding light and once you truly step into the role everything falls back into place even your Twin or what I like to call your other self as they are the same Soul Essence and Frequency and no-one else in the whole universe has the same soul frequency as you and your Twin and that's why it feels like nothing you have ever experienced before.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I work with You ?

I offer 1:1 Private Coaching and Courses click on Courses and Coaching to see how I can support you.

Should I Take Your Video Course Before Our Coaching Session?

Yes this is a great place to start as my Online video courses guide you on your journey really in-depth and you can watch them over and over again. Plus when you understand the core wounds and how to detox and balance the shared energtic field it makes your private coaching session so much easier.

What people are saying

It was a wonderful experience discovering Cat!! If you want someone that understands and can coach the Twin flame situations - Cat is your person. She gave me so much Information that was so interesting in my first session that I instantly requested another. I definitely plan on working with cat many times long my journey. I definitely recommend giving Cat a try. You won't be sorry! Thanks Cat and I will speak with you soon!

— Holly

I can highly recommend Cat ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. The universe led me to Cat when my soul was lost and it was trying to get me to listen to it but I didn’t know how to. Now with Cats amazing wisdom, gifts, light and talents I am on my souls true path. Cat is a beautiful and wise soul, with amazing wisdom, knowledge and skills. Cat is truly an inspiration to learn with and from, I am so grateful the universe led me to her. I have found the content a shining light in these very difficult times. The topics, support and resources are priceless. Cat is extremely supportive and everything is delivered professionally but with unconditional love, empathy and understanding. Thank you beautiful lady for all you are doing for us and the world. Continue to shine bright Sister, sending your love and amazing wisdom around the world.

— Heather Marie

First of all I just want to say thank you!! From the bottom of my heart, not only were you absolutely spot on, accurate to the teeeee, but you gave me much needed guidance and clarity!! I highly recommend you!! Thank you also for the recommendations on the materials which will help me!! I will definitely be back with an update

— Sonam