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Helping and Guiding at a Soul Level - Soul Coach

Do You Have The Calling of the WAY SHOWER!!

Have you received the calling from your Soul to help others, to be a Way Shower.... This is a very unique calling and its a career like no other!!

Would you like to help people in a profound way to change their lives. Being a Soul Coach is one of the most rewarding jobs you could ever do!!!

In this course I share everything how I help and change peoples lives!!!

Please Note I only combined this course now with the Soul-Led Business Course as I believe that the 2 are so important together as its not about working 40/50 hour weeks its been aligned with Soul and in pure abundance and I want to show all Soul Coaches how they can create this and shine their light so bright.

What people are saying

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I met Cat online when my life was falling apart my career I had worked all my life for made no sense, and my relationship was falling apart. I just felt this calling to work with her, well 6 months later she has changed my whole world. My life has meaning and I am now running my own Soul-Led Business all thanks to her knowledge and belief in me, being a Soul Coach is so incredible and rewarding thank you

— Sam Jen

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I walked away from my corporate job , I felt lost and at one of the lowest points in my life. I had spent my working life flying all over the world but it just didn't make sense that's until I met Cat.. I can be a tough cookie and I wasn't into all this pink fluffy Spiritual Stuff I resonate with Alan Watts so I knew I needed someone highly experienced and wow did I find it with Cat, I now have a successful coaching business and Cat showed me how to turn what I do now and push it into the mainstream corporate world to help everyone. What I love about Cat is listening to her and watching her interact with her clients she can support you where ever you are on your journey and whether you’re supporting the homeless or working in the mainstream corporate world. Her skills are truly remarkable whether you want to run something small as a hobby or a large business this woman is hotter than hot in the Spiritual World!! Thanks J

— Jarrod

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Wow Wow Wow Cat is a true Spiritual Teacher and her knowledge and deep wisdom is mind blowing she is straight talking and she doesn't allow you to sit behind your own Bull Shit she will call you out, don't hide from it as she will not allow you not to stand in your sovereignty. I have a thriving business helping people not just locally but online too and its all thanks to Cat's straight talking deep wisdom. If you want to grow a Soul Coaching business she is your person there is no one like her Thank you Cat you mean the world to me.

— Laura N

Your Soul is Calling You!!!!

The Soul Callings you into your Purpose and its not something you choose. I am a highly trained and deeply passionate Soul Coach and Teacher. I have been teaching people for nearly 2 decades and I am here to show you how you help people align fully with there Soul Purpose and calling.

Many people confuse Soul Coaching with Life Coaching and Soul Coaching is completely different as we work at the level of the Soul to help people align fully with their original Soul Blue Print.

One minute you can be dealing with a person who is going through a complete Ego Death and maybe feeling complete dispair over their life situation and the other session someone who is suddenly wanting to change their whole career and life in a very Spiritual profound way.

The Job of a Way Shower is a deeply passionate and you are here to help people transform their whole lives, this course will teach you everything you need to change peoples lives and empower them to live with Joy, Peace, Abundance. You will gain all the skills you need to be an exceptional Soul Coach.

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to the Soul Coach Course
    • 1. Lets Get Started the Introduction
    • 2. Understanding The Role Of a Soul Coach Part 1
    • 3. The Hero's Journey
    • 4. How you Help Your Client as a Soul Coach
    • 5. How You as a Soul Coach Helps Their client shift in their Awakening
    • 6. How You help your client shift into Soul Energy
    • 7. Non Duality and Getting Your Client to Shift into Soul
    • 8. The 3 Part Being Ego, Mind and Body
    • 9. 3 Core Beliefs of the Ego Mind - Different way of explaining
    • 10. The Structure of Your Client Session
    • 11. Awakening Journey vs Enlightenment Path
    • 12. Life Coach, Counsellor, Soul Coach and Psychic - Why People Use a Soul Coach
    • 13. Space Holder & When The Kundalini Awakens in Your Client
    • 14. Understanding the Kundalini Energy and how it relates to the Chakras
    • 15. Imposter Syndrome
    • 16. Clearing the Clutter - Mental
    • 17. Clearing the Clutter - Spiritual Self
    • 18. Soul Mission and Purpose
    • 19. Releasing the Victim and Choosing You
    • 20. Choosing Love over Fear
    • 21. The Original Soul Blue Print, DNA Upgrade & Frequency Light Codes
    • 22. You are the Way Shower - You are now a Soul Coach
    • 23. Lighthouse growing your Soul-led business

Details About The Course

This course is now only available as part of the combined here is why

Please Note I only combined this course now with the Soul-Led Business Course and Lighthouse as I believe that the 3 are so important together as its not about working 40/50 hour weeks its been aligned with Soul and in pure abundance and I want to show all Soul Coaches how they can create this and shine their light so bright.

Will I Receive a Certification For The Course?

Yes on completion of the course you will receive a certification to say you have completed a Soul Coaching Course.

Is it easy to Learn Course?

You can start learning straight away as the Course gives you everything you need to be an incredible Soul Coach to help people transform their lives and you can watch in really easy video lessons around your lifestyle and family.

Do I Need Any Qualifications To Take The Course?

No not at all, this calling is from the Soul so anyone can have this calling from any walk of life and you will know as you will just have an inner feeling, what delays this journey (I use the word delay as when the Soul calls it doesn't stop) is the Ego mind saying things like who are you to think you can do that and I always say .... You are here as a Way Shower!!

Is The Course Easy To Watch?

Yes it's all on Video Course and will be available for you to watch whenever suits you it will be as simple as click and watch, which makes it's so easy to understand and implement.