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Ready, Powerful, Mystic

Now is the time to Claim Your Power and Step fully into Visibility, Stop Hiding Your Light and Claim the you are Ready Now to Shine your Soul Gifts.

Welcome Home Powerful Wise Woman

5 Week Transformational Course Igniting Your Inner Mystic

You were not born to play small, if your reading this now its because you are being guided to your Inner Divine Power of your inner Mystic, Sage, Psychic is calling you to Align with Soul.

This course will give you all the tools and transformation to take you from stuck and confused into connecting to your inner Mystic and Align with your Soul

Over the 5 weeks you will learn how to...

  • The Sacred Codes of your Original Soul's Blue Print Calling into Purpose !! Understand why you are here on Earth and the 3 Key Steps to really living from a Soul Life and Reading Soul Frequency.

  • How to give Powerful life changing Divination Readings and Guidance using a range of tools from Oracle Cards to Psychic Writing and working with the Ancient Flame of Divine.

  • Learn who your Spirit Guides are and learn how to work with other peoples Spirit guides and how to pass messages from their guides.

  • Learn about your Past lives and how to read other peoples Past lives, how to release Core Wounds from Past lives. How to work as a Multi Dimension Being and working with Consciousness and working with your Timelines.

  • Learn how to Clear the Energy of your Home and working with the Moon and Crystals in your home and daily Life.

Working With Cat

Cat has being a Coaching and Supporting Beautiful Souls for over 20 years, she has global client base and is passionate about helping you step into your Power and Reclaim your Soul Gifts. She has helped 1000's or Souls build incredibly successful Soul and Spiritual businesses which help, support humanity while creating healing, freedom and abundance.

She is a Shamanic Teacher and Master Teacher in Reiki and has taught Healing, Soul Coaching and Spiritual Development plus Kundalini for over 20 years.

Cat has taught Soul growth and how to work at a Soul Level to 1000's of students globally and is passionate about showing beautiful souls how to connect in with their Soul Gifts and how to step into their Divine Power and be Seen and own the Mystical Power.

Ready, Powerful, Mystic

How will it support your growth ?

  • Ready - If you are Ready to make a change and really start to live from a Soul Level and learn how to connect back in with your inner witch. Over the 5 weeks you will Activate your gifts and be given all the support and activation to learn how to hear your spirit guides how to connect in with past lives and lots more.

  • Powerful - We will spend 5 weeks Diving Deep in at Soul Level where you will have no doubt on Who you are and How you can help people !! Activating your Unapologetic, Imperfect Self that stands in your Inner Witch Divine Power and owns it at Core.

  • Mystic - Whether you are a complete new beginner or have a wealth of experience this course will take you deeper into places you never knew existed within you.

  • Video Tutorials
  • Meditations
  • Activations
  • Workbooks / Worksheets
  • Watch at your own pace from anywhere in the world.

This course is Certified and will be given on complition.

Ignite Your Inner Mystic - Welcome Home Wise Woman

Ready, Powerful, Mystical - Welcome Home !!


Ready, Powerful, Mystical - Welcome Home !!

per month for 2 months

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to Ready, Powerful Mystic
    • Welcome Home Mystic Wise Woman !!
    • Week 1 - Working with Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters & The Councils of Light
    • Week 2 - Your Past Lives and Consciousness How to Heal your Past Life Core Wound
    • Week 3 - Sacred Codes of The Original Soul's Blue Print Calling into Purpose !!
    • Week 4 - How To Work with the Moon, Crystals & The Shamanic Cleansing Rituals for Yourself and Your Home
    • Week 5 - How To Work with Divination Readings & Guidance - The Ancient Flame Readings, Psychic Writing & How to Read Oracle Cards


I wanted to make known how much I enjoyed the 5 week inner mystic course. I feel before this course I was just insanely frustrated with how everything was going on this journey. I got the yearn from my soul to buy the course. Did I have any idea how impactful it was for me no I didn’t. First get to know John and my grandmother as my guides was beautiful but just being able to go into my past lives and find out what my core wounds were. Most of all hearing the whispers of my soul daily. I hear it all and I no long live in mind and ego but soul. My life has changed and I can’t thank you enough Cat for making this beautiful course. I’ve been able to change the course of my journey in 5 beautiful weeks of leaning. I can’t thank you enough for every course you’ve done and changed my life each bit at a time. Thank you xx

— Joanne

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Ready, Powerful, Mystical - Welcome Home !!


Ready, Powerful, Mystical - Welcome Home !!

per month for 2 months