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Welcome Beautiful Soul

My name is Cat and I'm here to guide & support you on your Twin Flame and Spiritual Awakening Journey.. Whether you need more support on your Twin Flame/Soul Awakening or helping you grow a Soul-Led Business I am here to help you Shape shift.

You don't choose this Journey the Universe calls your Soul at the precise Divine Timing. We are often catapulted on this Journey and it can feel like our whole world is falling apart and nothing makes sense in your world anymore. As the world is going through its biggest evolutional shift I am here as a chaneller and guide to help you understand this journey.

Whether you need help negotiate the Twin Flame Journey, Awakenings, Controlling your Kundalini or help growing a Soul Led Business I'm here to support you.

Thank you Cat for your 1:1 coaching. It’s really amazing to have someone who fully understands what it is you’re going through on this journey and to receive this personal guidance as it pertains to my own unique situation. It’s so very obvious you operate from such a place of strong integrity and sovereignty so thank you for being such a guiding light for myself and so many others. There are critical steps along this journey and to have someone who I can trust will walk alongside should I have any questions or even just to serve as a reminder of what this journey is truly about, I thank you!

You Are The Universe

I have helped 1000's of Soul's on this journey and I deeply understand what you are going through and I'm here as a way shower and guide to bring understanding, knowledge and peace to your journey. The Twin Flame Awakening Journey is a process and often leads beautiful souls into their Soul Mission and Purpose.

Once you understand the truth of this journey everything shifts. I have been guiding souls through Awakenings and Teaching for nearly 2 decades and I look forward to working with you.

As a Shamanic Wisdom Keeper and Divine Channeller I work with Source energy and I read the pulse of the Universe to guide you on your unique path whether that's to create a successful soul business or just develop Spiritually.

Working with Cat

Cat has been working at a Soul Level for over 20 years and she offers 1:1 Coaching Sessions.

She works with Shamanic Energies, Reiki and the Divine Prana Energy. She has a deep understanding on Kundalini and balance the Divine force energy within.

If you are feeling stuck or not understanding the energy within you and feel you need a complete reset then Cat's unique sessions will help you shift at all levels.

She has been guiding and helping beautiful Souls develop Spiritually and align with Soul and helps incredible souls grow Soul-Led Business with ease create abundance in passive income.

Areas of Expertise

Twin Flames / Soul Recognition

Soul-Led Business Coaching


Kundalini Energy

Master Teacher Healer

Connecting you back to your Original Soul Blue Print

Soul Teacher, Sage & Seer

Spiritual Psychic Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the Private 1:1 calls and are they Video call?

Yes the sessions are via Zoom and each session is 60 minutes is tailored to your exact needs as we focus on all your questions and I meet your needs at the exact point you are to show you how to shift. To work with me on 1:1 Private Coaching see the link at the bottom of the page. 

Should I Take Your Video Course Before Our Coaching Session?

Yes this is a great place to start as my Online video courses guide you on your journey really in-depth and you can watch them over and over again. So I always recommend doing my course first and my membership is there as a daily support to help you too.

Whats Your Coaching Style ?

I have been a Soul Coach, and Spiritual Teacher for nearly 2 decades I have worked with the worlds leading coaches who have trained some of our world leaders in their field. I'm also a Master Shamanic & Reiki Teacher and honoured to be a Wisdom Keeper of the Earth but my approach isn't going to fill your head with dreamy BS I'm here to change lives and I do it by being grounded and direct. I want you to step fully into your Soul Purpose and Sovereignty and I do it in a way which is highly skilled but with love and care.

I had been on the Twin Flame Journey for years and had tried many teachers but my crazy energy always went back to feeling alone and lost and my twin refused to acknowledge our connection.

But this all changed after 1 session with Cat I realised I had been leaking energy out and pushing energy onto my Twin for years and with 1 session with Cat I completely saw it all and something deep inside my Soul shifted from working with her it’s like her energy healed me at such a deep level and 5 days later my Twin reached out and asked to talk and wanted to take me away for the weekend… we took it slow and now have an amazing relationship Thank you Cat

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Work with Cat

Private Coaching Sessions with Cat