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Grow Your Soul-Led Business and Align with Soul Purpose

Online Course

So you want to align fully with your Soul Purpose and Mission, turning up and lighting the way for other Souls... but are you confused on how just to do it!!

This is where it gets tricky and stops a lot of people? Then there is imposter syndrome and all the cost.... STOP RIGHT THERE!!!

I am going to show you how you can do it all for virtually zero cost and transition from what you are doing now into having a successful business, my 4 step plan is easy to follow and its what I do each time to grow successfully and with no massive outlays!!

Let Your Business Work for You!!

What makes me different to other Soul-Led Business Coaches is I am living proof it can be done time and time again and I see people paying thousands of pounds for websites and business coaches only to be doing the same thing 5 years down the line. I am not a business graduate I earn't my stars by doing the work and I have done it over and over so I know what works as what I teach is the exact same thing I use right now!! 

Thats another thing what worked 1 year ago doesn't always work now as social media and how we run businesses is constantly changing and this is where I share all my secrets.

Are You Ready?

In 4 weeks you can have a business up and running, if you follow the steps :

  • All my Secrets on how you find your ideal client and speak direct to their heart in your true authentic way with BS just your truth

  • I screen share and show you in 50 minutes how you build a completely free website, how to build on Social Media

  • Learn how to make passive income so you can make money while your aligning with your soul I firmly believe we are here to be the light high vibrational being while helping others

  • I will show you how I do it all for free!! Yes that's right once you have paid for this course there is very little or no other outlay if you follow my Steps you can have a business which works around your life and you can put in as much money as you like but I will show you how you can do it free too.

  • How to find your SOUL PURPOSE AND MISSION and how to make massive income so you make money while you sleep.

  • Go from Hobby to 30k per month the potential is all given to you its up to you how far you go!! As I’m a firm believe money is only energy and when we shift into a higher frequency we attract a higher frequency

What people are saying

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I discovered Cat when I had gone through a massive Awakening and wanted to help others but didn't know how to bring it all together, with Cat's help I have now given up my day job and work my own hours from anywhere around my life - Cat is amazing and what she does and I will be forever grateful

— Simon

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Cat is an amazing Soul and she helped me grow my Healing business from the ground up and now I have a full calendar each month of clients - thank you Cat

— Rebecca

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If your looking who can show you truthfully how to grow your Soul Coaching Business Cat is definitely your woman she has such a wealth of knowledge and my business is thriving due to her secret formulas

— Emma P

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    • 1. Lets Get Started
    • 2. Stepping into Your Divine Power
    • 3. Building the Foundations Of Your Business
    • 4. Building the Foundations Website
    • 5. Easy Ways for accepting Abundance
    • 6. Marketing Made Easy for all your Social Media
    • 7. Stepping into Soul Purpose & Your Sovereign Power
    • 8. Courses Are The New Way of Sharing our Knowledge and give us Freedom
    • 9. Showing Up and How, Where and What !!! Let Your Clients Chase You
    • 10. Owning Your Power - Ready to Launch - Attracting Your Tribe
    • 11. Having Good Boundaries and why it’s important
    • 12. All About YouTube sharing your Knowledge
    • 13. The Kundalini Ignites your Soul-led Business too
    • 14. Your Earnings are Limitless!!!! - The Streams Flowing in x
    • 15. Extra Support Lighthouse instant watching

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn ?

You will learn how to align with your Soul Purpose and mission, how to speak the language of your potential clients and get people chasing you to work with you. How to build a whole business with passive income too.

I have a full time job or children, Can I really do this aswell?

Yes this course is in really easy to watch videos and I will show you how to successfully grow your business around your current life. Also I show you how to turn your business into a passive income business with courses and ebooks etc...

Can lessons can be watched again and again?

For sure! All lessons are video and you can watch as many times as you wish, they are simple and easy to watch and will show you how to create an incredible business.

This is your own business I JUST GIVE YOU all my secrets and knowledge. I HAVE been asked before if students can do it similar to MLM no this is your own business I just pop all my knowledge into a course to make it easy for you to show up and shine your light.

My students are working online, in hospices, coaching, healing, teaching and working in wellness centres all around the world and some students turn up online like me and coach - the world is your oyster.

When I click on I'm ready it takes me to the Combined course.

Yes that's correct as I believe having a 3 gives you the winning components to help people in an life changing way.

"I signed up for Cat's Soul Led Business Courses and began working on my new YouTube channel for my soul led business.

After a few videos Cat reviewed them and suggested a few changes. I was so happy I followed her suggestions! 

Now my YouTube channel has grown significantly and I am getting thousands of views.

I'm so happy I listened to Cat as she understands how it all works. 

It's been such a blessing all her guidance and support"

— Anelisa

This course is only available as part of the combined 3 in 1 Soul Coach and Soul Led Business Course as this has all the winning components for a successful business