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Quantum Master Healers & Teachers - From Self Healing Student to Teacher

A Journey which will change your Life

Reiki Level 1, 2, 3 & Master Teachers, Munay-Ki Shamanic Healer to Teacher , Learn How to work the Crystal Gridlines and Leylines

This course is a Master Healer Teacher Course, that will be given over the next few Months everything you need to work with energy but also teach too.

The course comes with Attunements, Manuals and Video Lessons and you will have the option of joining Live, but if you can't make the Lives they will be recorded. This will be the ONLY time I do this Course with live interactive group and at such a low cost.

It will start with Reiki Level 1 which is all about Self Love, then moving to Reiki Level 2 which is the Practitioners level and moving onto Reiki Master Teachers where I will show you how to build your own courses and pass attunements and deepen your connection to this incredible healing system.

Then after finishing Reiki Master Teachers you will start to learn and work with Munay-Ki Shamanic Healing learn all 9 Rites from Healers Rites to The Creators Rites which once completed you will be able to Teacher too.

Once we have completed this area we will delve into working with Leylines and the Crystal Gridlines.

Online Course, work at your own pace!!

These Courses are recorded so you can watch on any device as many times as possible, they come with comprehensive manuals, Attunements, Meditations and Certification.

If your ready for change this course is for you !!!

Why Learn with Cat

Cat has been working with this incredible Healing system for over 20 years and I have students all over the world, as a Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher I am passionate about helping people gain a deep understanding and learn these incredible healing systems and also go on to Teach and help others.

If you are looking for a highly experienced Reiki and Shamanic Master Teacher and you would learn at your own pace this course is for you and will change your world.

Cat took over 9 months to write her manuals and she has Specialised in field, which she was working locally people would travel 100's of miles to work with her as she was a leading healer in the UK, with clients travelling as far as France to come and have a treatment. So she comes with a wealth of knowledge and she specialised in depression, anxiety, fertility and cancer.

If your looking for a highly experienced teacher Cat has decades of knowledge and expertise.

What people are saying

Cat is an incredible Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher and known her for over 10 years, I first started as her client having treatments but I quickly took her courses and now I have a highly successful therapy business helping couples with fertility - I am truly grateful to Cat for helping me change my whole life.

Lisa B

I discovered Cat due to going through Chemotherapy and I was in a pretty low state but after a few sessions everything changed. I then took her course and now I hold my own Shamanic Reiki Courses and every day I adore helping and teaching people how to work with Reiki - If you want the best Reiki Master and Teacher Cat is your person.


Cat's Courses are wonderful they give you everything you need, her manuals are fab and a step by step guide which you have for life ! She gives you everything so you have all the confidence you need to change your life and if you want others too.

Thanks Cat I'm lucky to have you on my journey


Course Content

  • 1
    Quantum Healer - Self Healing to Master Teacher Course
    • Welcome to the Master Healer Masters Reiki Level 1 Course Manual and Video
    • Reiki Level 1 Teaching Videos - Your Journey Starts Here
    • Reiki Level 1 Powerful Attunements - Aligning to the Energy
    • Reiki Level 1 - 21 Days of Self Healing - Learning to Alchemise the Energy
    • Reiki Level 2 - Becoming the Healer - Manual
    • Reiki Level 2 - Teaching Videos
    • Reiki Level 2 Powerful Attunements x 2
    • Reiki Level 3 - Master Teachers - Learn how to Teach Reiki & Hold Your Own Courses
    • Reiki Level 3 - Master Teachers - Attunements
    • Munay - Ki Teaching Manual and Intro
    • Munay - Ki Shamanic Healer Introduction
    • Munay - Ki - Opening and Closing Sacred Space
    • Munay - Ki Connecting and Growing with the Rites
    • The Sharman and The Fire Ceremony
    • Sacred Circling Calling in the Energies
    • Rite 1 - The Healers Rites - Attunement
    • Rite 2 - The Bands of Power - Attunement Journey
    • Rite 3 - The Harmony Rites Archetypes - The Attunement
    • Rite 4 - The Seers Rites - Attunement
    • Rite 5 Day Keepers Rites - Attunement Journey
    • Rite 6 - Wisdom Keeper Rites - Attunement Journey
    • Rite 7 - The Earth Keeper Rites - Attunement Journey
    • Rite 8 - The Star Keepers Rite - Attunement Journey
    • Rite 9 - The Creators Rites - Attunement Journey
    • Munay - Ki Lineage
    • The Shaman's Mesa Medicine Bag - Creating yours
    • Mentors Workshop - Transmitting the Rites
    • Munay - Ki - Alberto Villoldo
    • The Mentors Video's on Transmitting the Munay - Ki
    • Working with the Energy of Leylines, Mother Earth's Chakra System and Light Frequency
    • Certificate

This is the Ultimate Course in Healing

Quantum Healing - Taking you from Self Love Healing to Master Teachers

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Quantum Healing - Taking you from Self Love Healing to Master Teachers

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