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Twin Flames - The Sacred Keys

This Sacred Keys to the Twin Flames Online Video Course is easy to watch and gives you the Sacred Keys to the Twin Flame Journey.

If you are in pain or separation, the runner chaser, push/pull dynamic then this course is for you as it will give you everything you need to show you how to shift the dynamic of the separation step by step and you will learn why everything on this journey island how to shift it

Oh ps... You will no longer feel crazy or confused too!!!

Twin Flame Course

The online video course is a step by step guide on what is truthfully happening to you and how to work through the process with ease. This course will give you everything you need to start to shift your connection and deeply understand what is happening and why and MORE IMPORTANTLY what to do and how to shift out of pain, confusion and bring union.

Start today and learn how to shift this connection

As the Divine Feminine ONLY you can shift this connection as ONLY when you start to do the inner work and understand this Spiritual connection will it shift the journey.

What is the best way to start working with You?

To really start shifting the connection, the best way is to take the course first as this gives you everything you need to shift the energy and so you understand the journey fully. You can watch it again and again.

Step by Step Video Lessons

This course gives you everything you will ever need on the Journey and it will stop all the searching for the what is happening and what to do about it.


I found Cat a few days after my twin flame disappeared again. I was in a lot of pain. As soon as I talked with Cat, something clicked. I bought her course and booked a 1:1 session with her. I resonated with everything she told me. I continued to work with her and in less than 2 months I completely transformed myself. I couldn't even believe it! Cat is highly spiritual and her non-BS approach to things is exactly what I need! Cat knows how to talk with me and inspires me to step into my power. I am beyond thankful for Cat! 

— Priscila

Course Curriculum

  • Twin Flame Online Video Course
    • 1. Let's Get Started on what Twin Flames are!!!
    • 2. Lets Get Started !!
    • 3. Daily Self Love Meditation for Union
    • 4. The Sacred Journey
    • 5. Soul Recognition and Why?
    • 6. Stop the Runner Chasing Energy
    • 7. When the Energy starts to Balance Channelled Meditation
    • 8. Why you go through EGO Death and DNOTS
    • 9. Why Detox is Crucial on the Journey
    • 10. Surrender Meditation - Powerful!!
    • 11. What to do When Triggers Happen on the Journey
    • 12. 3rd Parties on the Journey how to deal with it
    • 13. Techniques to help shift the blame on the Journey
    • 14. Core Wound Pain, Why its important to Release it
    • 15. Learning to Balance the Shared Energetic Field
    • 16. Balancing and Releasing the Chakra's and Core Wound pain Meditation
    • 17. Should I Date other People when on the TF Journey
    • 18. The Kundalini Activation and How Shakti Energy Awakens You
    • 19. Techniques for learning to work with the Push Pull Energy and Love Making in the 3rd Energetic Field
    • 20. The Point of Neutrality on the Journey - What it feels like and Why
    • 21. Learn about Sexual Energy which is Ignited and the 3rd Energy
    • 22. You are the Alchemist Meditation
    • 23. The importance of getting out of the Mind
    • 24. Reccommended Material to support you through the Journey
    • 25. You are on your Ascension Enlightenment Path
    • 26. You are the Universe You are Oneness Meditation
    • 27. Bonus Video and Extra Help !!

I came across Cat, by divine guidance on Facebook.

I’ve been on the TF journey 7 1/2 years now and just going round in circles with it all. The only people that understand this journey are the people experiencing it.

I decided now is the time that I need to do work on this “connection” and been waiting for the right person/coach/guide for me. In steps Cat! 

Cat is amazing with her knowledge, info, insights, gifts, wisdom. 

I signed for the weekly coaching sessions to which I’ve loved! Within 2 weeks of doing them and “doing the work on me” along comes my twin back on my path physically.

We’ve bumped into each other spoke to each other (to which we hadn’t for years)!! 

Cat is very supportive in her group. As a question in group she is there on it straight away giving guidance, support, help. Amazing!

She is brilliant, they both are. Their energy is just beautiful. 

I then decided to buy the course to which I’ve just loved. It’s very helpful.

You’ve got it to keep so can go back to any of it at any time.

It’s brilliant, like having your very own TF Coach in your pocket whenever you need it. 

5 ⭐️ for Cat, keep up the great work. Shining your lights. 

In so much gratitude 🙏🏼 and appreciation for you both. 🔥🔥


Twin Flame Course

Twin Flame Course - Journey to Union