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The Sacred Journey - Twin Flames

The Twin Flame Journey can be so pain and you can feel utter pain and loss not understanding what is happening and searching on how to bring Union.

This Online Video Course is easy to watch and gives you all the tools for Magnetising your Soul and then how to Balance the shared Energetic Field.

Your Twin Flame is You in Every Lifetime and the connection is for infinity learn now how to Magnetise your Twin and shift out of Separation and into Soul - the journey is deeply Spiritual and you will be given the tools in order to align with Soul.

Once you purchase the course you will also receive 1 month free to Awaken to Consciousness in the last lesson of the course.

Online Course

The online video course is a step by step guide on what to do at each stage and how to shift out of Separation, start to Detox from the crazy energy, given all the tools on how to keep the shared energetic field balanced so you don't loop and stay in pain, REMEMBER YOU DIVINE FEMININE are the leading Twin so the journey starts with You !!

This course will give you deep understanding of what is happening and why and MORE IMPORTANTLY what to do and how to shift out of pain, confusion and start to really live again and shifting into a higher energy so you shift into Union Frequency.

Start today and learn how to shift this connection

As the Divine Feminine its all starts when you energetically shift and really align with your soul. This course will help you align fully with Soul and you will be given the tools on how to truly shift on the journey.

What is the best way to start working with You?

To really start shifting the connection, the best way is to take the course first as this gives you everything you need to shift the energy and so you understand the journey fully. You can watch it again and again.

Step by Step Video Lessons

This course gives you everything you will ever need on the Journey and it will stop all the searching for the what is happening and what to do about it.


After meeting my Twin Flame in 2019 we went into separation after only a short time of being together I was left heart broken and not knowing what to do, my twin ghosted me, blocked me and then just disappeared, which was so confusing after everything we had planned.

I came across Cat after spend hours and hours watching Tarot readings and just feeling more confused. After listening to Cat's YouTube channel things started to make sense and I knew she could help me as I had got to the stage of just feeling so much pain and I just felt broken.

As soon as I signed up I started watching and it all made sense I started to apply all of what Cat teaches and my twin reached out... I was amazed, what Cat guides on works.

I took it slow just like Cat teaches and I am happy to say we have been together for the last 11 months and we are now planning our wedding.

I know I couldn't have done this without your course and support thank you

What our Clients Say..

When my Twin left I went into Dark Night of the Soul, I thought we would never be back together but after taking Cat's course we are now living together and have been for over a year.

All the pain and crying and rolling around on the fall is a distant memory and its all thanks to the work I did with Cat, she is there for you and her course is amazing as it gives you the step by step guide so you can go back and rewatch it.

If you need to understand the journey and magnetise your Twin back in on a Soul level Cat's course gives you everything you will ever need - Thank you Cat you are such an earth angel to me and so many others who you help.

Anne & John

Course curriculum

  • 1
    The Sacred Connection of the One Soul Online Video Course
    • 1. Welcome !! Giving you a Deep Understanding and Shift on your Twin Flame Journey
    • 2. Lets Get Started !!
    • 3. Daily Self Love Meditation for Inner Union
    • 4. Soul Recognition and Why?
    • 5. Stop the Runner Chasing Energy
    • 6. When the Energy starts to Balance Channelled Meditation
    • 7. Why you go through EGO Death and DNOTS
    • 8. Why Detox is Crucial on the Journey
    • 9. Surrender Meditation - Powerful!!
    • 10. What to do When Triggers Happen on the Journey
    • 11. 3rd Parties on the Journey how to deal with it
    • 12. Techniques to help shift the blame on the Journey
    • 13. Core Wound Pain, Why its important to Release it
    • 14. Balancing and Releasing the Chakra's and Core Wound pain Meditation
    • 15. Should I Date other People when on the Journey
    • 16. The Kundalini Activation and How Shakti Energy Awakens You
    • 17. Learning Why and When the 3rd Energy is Created & How DM pulls on it
    • 18. Techniques for learning to work with the Push Pull Energy in the 3rd Energetic Field
    • 19. The Point of Neutrality on the Journey - What it feels like and Why
    • 20. Learn about Sacral Energy which is Ignited and the 3rd Energy
    • 21. You are the Alchemist Meditation
    • 22. The importance of getting out of the Mind
    • 23. Reccommended Material to support you through the Journey
    • 24. You are on your Ascension Enlightenment Path
    • 25. You are the Universe You are Oneness Meditation
    • 26. Bonus Video and Extra Support to Help You Shift into Union

Online Course

The Sacred Journey of Twin Flames

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