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Become A Soul Coach and Learn How to Grow Your Soul-Led Business Online

If you are serious about helping others then this course is for you as you receive hours of coaching and access to both the Becoming a Soul coach and Soul-Led Business Course which will take you from feeling stuck and confused into knowing and understanding how to coach at a Soul level.

This course will give you all the tools to grow a 6 figure coaching business while shining your light and create a business strategy on passive income so you work a few hours each day working from the heart loving what you do and helping people at a Soul level.

Life Changing !!

I stumbled across Cat when I was one year into my spiritual awakening journey, which I was catapulted onto. At this point I was out of ego death and that energy, however I still had lots of balancing to do. 

Cat’s videos came at the right time for me as my soul knew that I was ready to step into my purpose and although I did not realise at the time Cat also had a coaching course, as I had initially signed up to be in the support group.

I quickly learned that Cat was a soul coach and had a soul led business course. That was when I knew I was being guided and I was in the right place, with the right person supporting me, as I’ve known for years coaching is in my DNA and that I wanted to have my own business.

I’ve completed both the soul led business and being a soul coach course and both have been very helpful as a starting point. I would recommend doing both courses if your intention is to coach. I’ve also had a couple of 1:1 private coaching and this has been great because she gave me direct feedback on my YouTube channel and after making some tweaks, I had an instant response! 

Although I’ve been coaching for years in a professional setting, soul coaching is very different so it’s important to understand the key differences and that’s what her soul coaching course teaches you.

Cat’s style is open, raw and honest and I fully resonate and appreciate this approach as I’m very similar. She knows how to cut through the BS, will get to the core of what’s holding you back, which is always done in a warm and compassionate way. 

Her passion for her clients is demonstrated in the way she is fully present regardless of what’s going on around her. She will meet you where you’re at on the day and I love this about her, as you know she is feeling into exactly what you need.

Most importantly, she wants you to succeed and holds nothing back in terms of showing you how she sets up her business and what she knows works well. She fully appreciates this is the “souls journey” and we are here to make a bigger impact on humanity and that is why she wants to give you everything she does, so you can shine your light to your fullest!

It has been a pleasure to write this review for Cat and I know if you draw on Cat’s knowledge and experience and incorporate that into your own, you will thrive, as will your business!!


Your Soul is Calling You!!!!

The Soul Callings you into your Purpose and its not something you choose. I am a highly trained and deeply passionate Soul Coach and Teacher. I have been teaching people for nearly 2 decades and I am here to show you how you help people align fully with there Soul Purpose and calling.

Many people confuse Soul Coaching with Life Coaching and Soul Coaching is completely different as we work at the level of the Soul to help people align fully with their original Soul Blue Print.

One minute you can be dealing with a person who is going through a complete Ego Death and maybe feeling complete dispair over their life situation and the other session someone who is suddenly wanting to change their whole career and life in a very Spiritual profound way.

The Job of a Way Shower is a deeply passionate and you are here to help people transform their whole lives, this course will teach you everything you need to change peoples lives and empower them to live with Joy, Peace, Abundance. You will gain all the skills you need to be an exceptional Soul Coach.

Growing Your Soul-Led Business

This course is going to show you how to create 6 Figure Business and be that powerful Light Leader.

You will learn how to create a completely free website where you take payments, how to build on social media and all my secrets.

I screen share a lot of the video course so you see me creating first hand. From passive income so you create something once and keep selling it over and over and I show you how to really be successful so you are working less but doing just what you love and helping people.

You will also have access to the Zoom coaching calls where I delve into shining your light brighter and how to really make a difference in the world while also showing up just in your authentic truth

Combined 3 Course

You will receive 3 courses which is nearly 23 hours of coaching for the course content please check out the individual pages.

Soul Led Business Course

Soul Coach Course


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3 in 1 Course Learn How To Coach at Soul Level Build a Thrive 6 Figure Soul Led Online Business

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