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Awaken to Consciousness

Weekly Live Zoom Calls and access to the Portal where you will find Video Lessons to help you on your Twin Flame Journey

Awaken to Consciousness Portal

The Twin Flame Journey can cause you to feel lost and alone. Awaken to Consciousness is a place to feel supportive so you have a place to be around beautiful souls who are all going through the journey.

The Awaken to Consciousness Twin Flame Support Group is a place for you to come and feel supported and gain a deeper understanding of the Awakening journey with like minded Souls who are all going through the journey.

Its full of video lessons about the journey, meditations to help you on the journey and weekly zoom call its a library full of information.

Walking the Pathless Path

As you Awaken you go through deep transformations which can be hard to understand with the mind as this journey happens at Soul Level. You will release old dense energies out of the body and transform your energetic field into the new crystalline body. These quantum leaps of our luminous energy field will not only transform your energy but also have access to a deep sense of your own inner power and love. This is activated at Soul Recognition.

On the Awakening Journey we are guided to walk a pathless path and having to trust fully in the Divine and ourselves.

What people are saying

If you want help and guidance on the Awakening Journey and really need understanding and how to shift out of confusion and pain then Cat is your person she is incredibly knowledgeable and her passion shines through I would not be in union with my Twin without Cat - She is Amazing!

— Jo Ann Jo

"Since watching all Cat's videos and then doing 1:1 Sessions with her my life has changed so much from feeling completely alone and that my life wasn't worth living, to now balancing the energy with my other self. "Cat has a light that lights the world and she has changed my life in all areas, from my Twin Flame Relationship to starting my dream business"

— George

Huge, thank you to the amazingly beautiful Soul Cat Summers, for an incredible informative and enlightening first session. Your knowledge, time and support are invaluable. Your happy smiley energy filtered through. Your coaching skills were clear and concise and easy to comprehend. Everything made perfect sense!. I was a blubbering full of fear, doubt, pain and sadness. Now I am bursting with joy.

— Curly

It was a wonderful experience discovering Cat!! Wow !! If you want someone that understands and can coach, help your Twin Flame situation, Cat is your person. She instantly helped me and my situation. I definitely recommend Cat and her courses and groups. She has helped me develop spiritually which I would have never got to without her guidance and coaching.

— Holly

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the group for?

Souls who are on the Awakening Journey, this road can be long and lonely sometimes and as you go through massive energetic shifts it can be so confusing the membership is here to help you develop your connection to the Divine Source Energy deeper.

Access to...

We have a private group where we do a live video call each week and access to the Portal. You DO NOT need a Facebook Account as we have the portal area. This group is here to support you each week on this journey so you don't go back into the crazy energy and you take the short route on the journey.


You can cancel at anytime 

Membership Benefits 

  • Dedicated Private Members Group
  • Group Zoom Coaching each week 
  • Everyone is on an Awakening Journey in the group so will understand what you are going through
  • Live Life to the full and aligned with your Soul and develop your gifts.
  • A place to feel safe while you are evolving on your Awakening Journey
  • Access to the portal which is a library of teachings full of video lessons and meditations to help you on the journey.

Cat, is a true person, who knows what she talking about!!

She has been through process herself, what makes her very authentic.

She is more then just a coach, there is connection with every person who she is supporting.

The membership gives you the support you need and everyone is going through a similar experience, even if we all have are own individual story it’s lovely to feel that you have everyone’s support.

— Kathy

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