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Alchemy on the Awakening Journey

Awakening Journey

Learning to be a skilled Alchemist is the unbecoming on the Awakening Journey… we are not trying to get anywhere or obtain anything infact through this process you will discover how everything you thought you were is in fact not the true self..

The Awakening journey is a long process and people often ask me when do you know it’s over and the simple answer is when your Soul invites you on this incredible journey it never ends.. with each upgrade you learn to alchemise the energy and you discover all the energy systems you had learnt were kindergarten training school and metaphysical things you once loved are just of the mind, now I still love all those things but a true awakening into oneness and consciousness well that is the journey to the Soul and the Soul doesn’t work in the past or the future, in karma or luck … nope that is all of the matrix… it’s not bad but that stuff will only slow down your Awakening so the key is presence and to know that everything is you and you are everything … presence is the key and being in the now…

I do want to point out there are different types of Awakenings (I’m using 3D language here) but there are ones that enhance your gifts ie discovering your Healing or Spiritual gifts and then there is the path to Singularity of oneness of your relationship with God and the universe, the path to Enlightenment.

For any Lightworkers who are starting out on the path to Enlightenment I want to share with you that do not worry if you feel you are loosing some of your gifts ie healing or metaphysical this is part of the process, what actually happens is they get (3D language) turned down so you can connect deeper to Christ Consciousness, this can be worrying at first but do not worry it doesn’t last but it’s an important part of the process as you need to dig deeper into the soul for the truth …

I hope this helps you try to give you a little more understanding but remember this journey can’t be understood with the mind, it must be felt in the soul.. Surrender and detach

Love Cat 🔥🙏