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Dark Night of The Soul - Twin Flames

Dark Night of The Soul Twin Flames

Dark Night of the Soul on the Twin Flame Journey

After the bubble love phase of the journey we are pushed into darkness or what we know as ego death this is the part of the Awakening Journey when we go into the womb again darkness falls and you start to question all parts of your life.

You see we must go within into the shadow parts of ourself because it’s here that we discover our light and we transform into the butterfly.

I do want to add this can be incredibly painful on the mind and the body and it can activate your core wound pain which is found in the Heart/Solar Plexus or Sacral Chakras and you will feel physical pain here. This is all part of the process of the Awakening / Twin Flame journey and for anyone going through this focus on you.

Learn to live in the present moment and allow the things that no longer energetically match your developing frequency to fall away.

Where people get stuck here is they hold onto the story and try and find another distraction.

Love Cat