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The Twin Flame Journey - The Awakening !!!

🔥 The Truth of Awakenings in the Twin Flame Journey 🔥

There's is a lot of grief and pain as you move through the dnots leading to the awakening. 

The pain is excruciating and the sense of loss is immense. I often work with people who feel their whole world is falling apart and some even say they question death and suicide. 

In the Twin Flame Journey, the void is truly immense. It's as if life has lost its purpose or that nothing makes sense anymore. 

This is difficult and very hard for both the twinflames. However the awakened one will feel the intensity more as they always go first. You see your Soul magnitised it’s self in almost to rescue itself from the illusion it has created in the matrix 3D. 

If you are the awakened twinflame, you will search for anything to help with the pain and finally you will be drawn to Spirituality or maybe you were always interested but your depth of your connection will alter. 

Your twinflame may or may not be. The twinflame journey is very unique for each set of Twins but the underlying energy is always the same.

I often get asked in my coaching sessions is my Twin experiencing the same thing and twin flames will not experience it the same way. If you have been chosen to ascend spiritually, your twinflame has been chosen to experience karmic experiences and this is always so hard for DF to comprehend as wrapped in pain and loss the DF is trying to make sense of what has just happened. 

The more you focus on the spiritual path and ascend, you will balance the shared energetic field. 

And your twinflame would have experienced karmic experiences which will awaken them to their illusion. 

Balance is the key to this journey as you share the same Soul Essence and Frequency and this is why it feels like no other connection. As this happens, both twinflames will progress towards their union.

You have an important role to play in the world and Twin Flame Union is just part of it. 

Twinflame union is being called by the Divine Source Energy and as Twins we are here to rebirth the new world in the highest frequency of love. 

Through this process you will learn to be your own Alchemist and you will learn how to absorb high levels of light frequency and absorb them into earth energy. This journey is orchestrated by your Soul and Source, the only way to go is inwards and balance the shared energetic field allow your spiritual awakening to guide you on this journey. 

Your life is not destroyed. You have a higher purpose and are letting go of your old self. You are that caterpillar who is turning into a butterfly.

If you need help and support with this process visit our website or join our free group details in the comments 

Love Cat 🔥❤️🙏🦚🦢🦌