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What is Surrender on the Twin Flame Journey!!

Twin Flame Surrender

What exactly is Surrendering in the Twin Flame Journey?

Does it mean that we must run or moving on from the connection ? 

No ! Surrender means to surrender to the Divine and Source.

Which means to Trust in the Universe. 

Trusting in the Universe is the biggest thing you can do but on this journey is the hardest thing you have to do…

The question is can you ?

You see most Chasers/DF it’s far easier to focus on loving another than to truly love themselves at a soul level.  

The Chaser Twin/DF often worries that their Twin has gone forever? and I often see through my coaching that they have the core wounding of not feeling enough, abandonment or not feeling loved and supported through life.  

But remember Twins are the same Soul and your Soul is orchestrating this whole journey and never underestimate the Divine’s ability to bring your twin back to you.  

You are one so you can never lose your Twin once Soul recognition has happened. It would be like losing yourself.  

Surrender takes place in the one soul ie both twins. But remember this can happen at different times but the DF always goes first and the quicker you surrender the fast the journey will progress but for the chaser/DF to surrender she must hand everything over to God and the Divine.  

Surrender to the Divine is absolutely necessary for the Runner Twin to connect to his heart space and shift out of his logical mind.  

I also want to clarify that where I use the terms Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, Matrix / Spiritual Twin and Chaser/Runner in this post and others remember these do not relate to male or female this connection is energetic so the DF Chaser or Spiritual Twin is always the push energy and 99.9999% of you reading this post will be this energy whether you are male or female earth.  The Divine Masculine, Matrix Runner Twin is the pull energy or runner. These often get very confused on this journey and that can add to the confusion.

If you would like to connect deeper then you can book a one to one coaching session.

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