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It’s Now Time To Align With Soul

You here on this Earth to Align with Soul and if you have found yourself here on my website you will be going through an Awakening / Twin Flame Journey and hearing the calling to shift from a Mind led way of living into a Soul way of living.

Whether you have had a sudden awakening brought about by an event in your life or Twin Flame / One Soul Activation.

Your life will feel completely chaotic and painful but the secret of the journey and the whole process starts with you and when you shift so does the journey and your energy.

One of the main keys to the Journey is Aligning with your Soul and often people get called into helping others by aligning with their Soul gifts - you want to make a difference and help people but unsure how to do it !!


You see the Soul calls you in at the exact time and now you have to align with your Purpose and Power !

You are the Universe

Divine Feminine its not by chance you are reading this you are here to Reclaim Your Power and Shine your Light as you are here as a Game changer and a Brave Light Leader sent to help with the new Divine Feminine Templates and Light codes.

I have been teaching beautiful souls for 2 decades over 20 years how to walk the path of Awakening and how to Align with your Soul and giving you deeper understanding and union of the Twin Flame Journey.

I am also deeply passionate about helping people understand Kundalini Energy and how to negotiate the Awakening Journey as once you learn and align with your Shakti Energy she allows you to manifest all your greatest desires.

I am also deeply passionate about Passive and Semi Passive Courses and Coaching as I believe that Empaths are not here to work 50 hour weeks as once you have gone through an Awakening your frequency changes and how you connect with energy and light frequency is very differently, so old business models will no longer work and exhaust you.

Love Cat x

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The Sacred Feminine

Twin Flame Journey

Awakenings & Ascension

Aligning with Consciousness

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Soul-Led Business Coach

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I work with You ?

I offer Private 1:1 Coaching, Courses and my weekly support group if click on Courses and Coaching you will see how I can support you.

Are your Courses available Online to Anyone ?

Yes they are all Video Courses and you can start watching as soon as you sign up. You can watch them anywhere on any device and it gives you a private link and you can watch at your own pace at times which suit you. Once you have paid for your course they are non refundable.

1:1 Private Coaching

1:1 Coaching Sessions I need 7 hours notice to change the session as any missed sessions will be lost. If you are late your coaching session we can carry on with the time left in the session.

All my sessions and work is to guide you back to your original Soul Blue Print and I have been doing this work for over 20 years and I am deeply passionate about my work and dedicated.

I am not a medical doctor and if you are worried about your health please always speak to an expert and professional.

Please take your time to look around my website watch my YouTube Videos as this will give you a strong indication on whether you feel I am the right person to support you.

What people are saying

I first found Cat on Facebook and just loved her energy after watching her Youtube content I knew she could help me as I'm an online coach and help women rebuild their life but I was struggling with my own abundance wound but after taking Cat's Success Activator within a week I had a record week in sales and had a 4K Week in sales - I knew that my business is all an internal mindset and once I did the work with Cat it shifted.

— Lucy

I can highly recommend Cat ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. The universe led me to Cat when my soul was lost and it was trying to get me to listen to it but I didn’t know how to. Now with Cats amazing wisdom, gifts, light and talents I am on my souls true path. Cat is a beautiful and wise soul, with amazing wisdom, knowledge and skills. Cat is truly an inspiration to learn with and from, I am so grateful the universe led me to her. I have found the content a shining light in these very difficult times. The topics, support and resources are priceless. Cat is extremely supportive and everything is delivered professionally but with unconditional love, empathy and understanding. Thank you beautiful lady for all you are doing for us and the world. Continue to shine bright Sister, sending your love and amazing wisdom around the world.

— Heather Marie

I want to send you an updated review as in only a short time of working with you and taking your course, my twin has unblocked me and everything you teach it’s playing out word for word, as long as I focus on me my Twin is with me!! Anyone stuck on the journey Cat knows how to shift it also her Soul Coaching Course and Business Course is incredible and I am so thankful for Cat for changing my world, from being in bed feeling like my world was over to now focused on me with my otherself in my life while growing a business.. she’s right you can’t pretend to do this journey thank you so much

— Sonam

It’s a horrible, beautiful, crazy, lost, journey that you’ve been experiencing isn’t it - that feeling of finding “home” and then it being ripped away from you, and you feel like you’re drowning in this pain and these emotions that just don’t relent. 

You want off this journey - or just want what you’ve lost back in your life - to understand what on earth is going on - I know - I’ve been there!!

 It’s going to be ok - especially now that you’ve found Cat from Sacred Soul Rising.  

Cat can help you find and see the truth - the truth that makes that awful diminish and the light start to shine in your life again.   

I highly recommend Cat’s courses. 

Her Awaken to Consciousness group has really helped me ground myself and assist me in finding and “being” the true me. Plus great support from others who are going through exactly what you’re going through.  

You’re not alone - I’d highly recommend you join whatever one of Cat’s course that seems to resonate with you, TODAY - why suffer when you don’t need to - Cat is a true Angel placed here on earth to help us - you won’t regret it - it’s amazing!